Sunday, January 15, 2017

Catching up to MTBoS Blogging Inititative for 2017

I always have great plans to do lots of blogging and then time & teaching get in the way. I'm not the fastest at adding links & such so it takes me a little bit longer to blog. I have enjoyed reading all the posts on "My Favorites" & "Soft Skills".

Theme 1
Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. Desmos What can I say? Create your own, use the Desmos made activities, search for Desmos activities made by others. This has to be one of the greatest tools out there. My students used it to create pictures using linear, quadratic, AV, cubic, radical, & exponential functions. They used restrictions (re-inforced domain & range), shading, colors & creativity. Here is just one example: OLAF.

2. WODB (which one doesn't belong) I created a google form with the images of quadratic graphs and student entered several different possibilities for each. These reasons provided a lively discussion among students when we reviewed their entries.

3. Google Quizzes Use Google forms to create a multiple choice assessment (formative or summative) then choose to make the form a quiz which allows students to review their scores, get hints (this can be links to videos or online reviews) for obtaining correct answers when students have incorrect answers and allows students to retake the quiz to improve their scores. I have seen my students work hard to improved their scores.

4. Hyperdocs New to this. Just used one with Characteristics of Quadratic Graphs. Check out the work of the Hyperdoc Girls. I edited a shared hyperdoc from @CarolynLantos.  My students loved the online interactions & working at their own pace.

5. Delta Math Great practice and quizzing website that provides examples for students as they practice. I have found this especially helpful to my IEP & 504 student that struggle with most concepts.

Theme 2
Soft Skills

I have nothing reviolutionary or thought provoking to add here but reading many of the posts has given me much to think about for student motivation,  look at that virtual conference. I especially liked The Angry, Injured Wolverine by @Dan Meyer.

My school utilizes the PBIS (Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support) for our students. Getting to know students & helping them to modify their behaviors through positive reinforcement & warnings. I have found that letting students know of the consequences of their actions with time to change their behavior prevents many classroom distractions. Students also enjoy the smallest of rewards (a small piece of candy) which can change the classroom atmosphere.

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  1. Hi Cindy, many of your favourites sound interesting to me too. I'm certainly going to try google quiz and wobd. Thank you so much, francesca